Sifting through log files can lead to some interesting findings, such as the most bizarre words developers use in their own logs


We usually find ourselves sifting through log files due to an exception or error thrown, trying to find the root cause or when exactly this issue happened. While in most cases the information sent to the logs should help us identify the cause, sometimes it holds some interesting, funny or plain up weird things. How do we know? We searched for these things exactly, and came up with some golden log messages.

Curse Words, Numbers and O’s

We don’t know about you, but our all time favorite thing to do on a Friday night is sift through log files. That’s how we found ourselves going through 803,869 log messages from 400,000 repositories on GitHub. We filtered out the variables, and focused on the strings written by the developers themselves. That left us with 3,648,131 logged words to check out, and that’s when the fun started. Turns out, a log is so much more than just methods and strings, as you can see in the infographic below:


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