How OverOps Stops Bad Releases From Being Promoted to Production

A key challenge in maintaining and accelerating the speed of software delivery is balancing rate of change and reliability. With teams of dozens to hundreds of engineers introducing changes at a high frequency, the ability to identify issues that will have a severe impact early on becomes a critical requirement.

OverOps’ new capabilities address exactly that, enabling enterprises to automatically identify and prioritize anomalies for every version prior to app releases to stop bad code from being promoted to production.

This webinar, hosted by Eric Mizell (VP Solutions Engineering at OverOps), will demonstrate how, with OverOps, enterprises can now:

  • Analyze every version in QA and staging, detecting anomalies related to: new errors, increasing errors, and slowdowns.
  • Flag critical new issues, regressions, and slowdowns, even those out of test coverage with deployment scores.
  • Automatically detect which infrastructure components are slow or causing issues for every application.
  • Enable developers to see the true root cause.

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