The Definitive Guide of Production Tools

Deploying an application in production is immensely complicated. The proliferation of hardware, 3rd party interactions, and environmental specifications means that there are a lot of elements to consider. Very few apps work in complete isolation, and there are whole ecosystems out there dedicated to improving the experience of working in production.

Understanding what tools are out there and which are worth checking out for you is critical to succeed in the modern development landscape.

This guide is designed to provide some direction and overview into the world of production tools for developers. We’ll be covering alerting tools, log management tools, visualization and metrics tools, and APM tools for production. As you can’t get an app into production without some pre-production tools, we’ll also cover a few of those, including build tools and deployment automation tools. Since we at Takipi are focused on JVMbased languages, we only look at tools that support Java here and provide our analysis from a Java-based perspective. Many of these tools support multiple languages and heterogeneous environments however, and we do our best to incorporate that. So
essentially, this is a Java-focused, but not Java-exclusive guide.

If we’re missing your favorite tool or you’re having trouble understanding something or you just want to tell us that we’re the best (or worst), feel free to contact us at