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In today’s software delivery pipeline, speed and stability are frequently at odds. The fast-paced business landscape has driven the need for increased development velocity – often at the expense of application quality. Engineering teams are challenged with the impossible task of keeping up with competitors without sacrificing the customer experience in the process.

Faced with this dilemma, some organizations opt for prioritizing speed over quality, while others double down on testing and observability in the hope of preventing critical issues in their live environment. But which approach is the right one? Or is it possible to strike a balance between the two?

We’re here to find out! This survey will explore how organizations are addressing the agility-stability paradox, covering topics like:

  • How release velocity impacts production stability
  • Trends in the adoption of emerging practices like chaos engineering and DevOps
  • The top tools for addressing software quality issues across the SDLC

How It Works

Take 5 minutes to answer questions on software quality topics. In exchange, we’ll send you the survey results and you’ll automatically be entered to win a grand prize $200 Visa gift card and weekly $50 Visa gift card drawing. 

The survey is open to anyone involved in the software development lifecycle, ranging from developers and QA engineers to DevOps managers, SREs and IT executives. All data will be published anonymously.


*Must answer all questions and provide your work email address to be entered to win.

Nicole is a communications and product marketing manager at OverOps. Her expertise includes technologies ranging from artificial intelligence and predictive analysis to DevOps, incident management and more.