appdynamics webinar

Troubleshooting Issues in AppDynamics with Code-Level Insight from OverOps

AppDynamics is one of the more widely used tools to help identify when application performance degrades. But how do you identify why? Why is the application slowing down? To determine root cause, we are typically left to a manual, resource-intensive process.

At OverOps, we rethink this process and provide code-aware insight into every known and unknown issue in your applications. By integrating with AppDynamics, we can link your performance issues to a deeper understanding of root cause.

Join our webinar and learn how OverOps and AppDynamics work together to:

  • Gain alignment between dev and ops
    Identifying issues and slowdowns in important, but what if operations could also help also send dev deep insight into why issues happened? This approach helps push a shared responsibility and collaboration between operations and development.
  • One-click access to root cause
    OverOps inserts tinylinks into the exception object so you can quickly and easily access complete insight into root cause of issues directly from AppDynamics.

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